The Sales Support contributes to an efficient sales back office that provides accurate information to
customers and assists the Sales Coordinators and Sales Manager in maintaining a fast and reliable
service to satisfy customer needs.


 Supports the Sales Coordinators and Sales Manager with executive tasks

 Supports with purchasing and logistics activities

 Entering and changing the different stages of orders or quotations within the ERP system

 Maintains management of sales files

 Preparing and monitoring orders

 Assists with a correct entry of product and article information in the ERP system

 Administration of sales files and certification packages in accordance with Deep Drill procedures

 Tender preparation in accordance with client requirements

 A correct and efficient order flow



 Works safe and according to the companies procedures

 Keeps working area safe, clean and in good condition

 Sets objectives with his/ her Manager and analyses results for optimization

 Coordinates the relevant planning and logistics including customs

 Assists Sales Coordinators and Manager by providing back office support

 Prepares sales files for administrative purposes

 Ensures that products and or services delivered match the customer requirements

 Stays up-to date with all developments in its market (Market Intelligence)

 Carries out any other duties allocated to him/her which the company reasonably requires


Job requirements

 MBO level by relevant experience and references

 Minimum of 1 year of experience in customer service

 English excellent, verbally as well as in writing

 Third language preferred

 Computer literacy for MS Office

 Knowledge of products and standards


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