Flaim is directly looking for a Technical Coördinator who can work fulltime.

We’re looking for a Technical Coördinator to join the ONEgas East Control & Automation Support (CAS) team in Den Helder. He/she will be part of the PACO team, supporting ONEgas East (NL). The focus of this role is to provide PACO support in operating integrity (alarm management & process control /DCS).


The role is formally part of the Onegas PACO & CAS team. The CAS Team is responsible for supporting the ONEgas asset with specialized support and engineering solutions related to Control and Automation system scope of existing systems (PAS/DCS, SIS/IPS, F&G) as well as new or modified systems. The PACO team is accountable for the SIF/IPF process, the PACO-owned SCE barriers shutdown systems (SIS Safety Instrumented Systems, shutdown valves), detection systems (Fire & Gas systems and network security) as well as ensuring an optimized design and performance of Process Automation Systems (PAS) DCS, PLC’s etc.
PACO & CAS are complementary in the total scope of control and automation where PACO focus on strategy and CAS fulfills a strategical role in support and maintaining the health of the automated systems within ONEgas East. Both teams (PACO & CAS) are closely connected since there is overlap in their scope. The teams also highly interact with Field Operations, Engineering Disciplines and Maintenance.

The candidate will have the following specific roles & responsibilities only rather than the wide range of all activities within the total team:

  • MAD (Master Alarm Database):
    • Filling in the Access database (MAD) with information related to alarms per platform data; supplied by the vendor. Alarm and tag description. Assisting the operations and engineers/and being able to fill in information related to process and E&I. Validate the consistency of the MAD with the system information.
    • Weekly MAD-Update on SharePoint. (PACO/CAST Navigation site).
    • ISU Facilitator for projects-for ONEgas East.
  • Monthly Report (alarm management):
    • Prepare and distribute the monthly alarm report in line with ESP guidelines and KPIs.
    • Handle mail exchanges between CAST and platforms regarding alarm management.
    • Data collection from DCS, FWPAS and Exaquantum ARA-SER.
  • Cluster reports (alarm management):
    • Update daily for 9:30 hours on SharePoint from the JDA and Nogat cluster reports with alarm data.
  • CAST Warehouse (obsolete equipment):
    • All actions and communication in and around Warehouse.
    • Maintain up-to-date warehouse and database, and available on SharePoint.
  • SAP:
    • Check/owner of the CAST work orders and open notifications in SAP.
    • Create a weekly overview and discuss it with the team and perform the action.
    • Make Setting changes (Assistance team) in SAP Z6 by means of MOC procedure.
    • Implement CAST planning in year work orders.
    • Making notifications, work orders and requesting Purchashe orders.
  • SharePoint:
    • Site owner/Focalpoint of PACO/CAST navigation, documents, projects and incident-tracking.
    • Track/Process all site content; Weekly Update MAD for production.
    • User owner's manual.
    • Provide information about SharePoint (build-up, authorization) to misc. Departments of NAM/Shell.
    • Maintain the site Up – To date keeping the site.
  • Outlook:
    • Manage the CAST mailbox and calendar.
  • Other:
    • Track/Archive Backup items/File transfer Siemens + IP addresses database.
    • Drawing management: Keeping Up-to-date graphics, PI&D, PEFS.
    • Making of check lists.
    • Create a KPI overview in the first week of the month.
    • Create weekly overview of FSR EMOCs for CAST members. 


ONEgas Strategy: Sustain the Engine by being the most competitive, innovative operator in the region.
Within ONEgas, we have a performance culture based on three F4F key behaviors: ownership, collaboration and spend-it-like-your-own.

ONEgas is a large and technically/commercially complex asset in Shell upstream. The asset portfolio comprises the full range of lifecycle stages, from exploration activities, greenfield and brownfield projects, operate and maintain wells and facilities to produce some 150 kboe/d, a small NOV portfolio as well as abandonment activities.
The operated asset geographically covers the Southern North Sea (all offshore NL and SNS UK), with a number of pipeline systems either connecting to the Bacton gas plant in the UK or the Den Helder gas plant in the NL.

ONEgas is a key supplier to the UK and NL gas markets. ONEgas produces some 8% of the total UK and NL production fulfilling a significant portion of the local gas demand.
Key dimensions for the ONEgas asset (100%): 90 producing fields; 54 offshore installations, 2 gas plants, 360+ wells; 8 production systems; 15 sales contracts; some 800+ Shell staff for ONEgas, across various disciplines, of which some ~350 in own reporting lines.
Skills & Requirements:

  • PACO/ system engineering background or similar technical background in control & automation systems.
  • MBO technical education.
  • Proven interest in control & automation systems for the process industry, interest in process control and process safeguarding and willing to visit off shore facilities. 
  • Successful candidate must work accurately and have adequate analytical skills with a feel for (fit for purpose) controls.
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills. Independent, self-starter. This position requires a motivated individual with good communication skills and a "can do" attitude.

Additional Information :

The PACO & CAS teams are spread over in Assen, Great Yarmouth, Den Helder and Bacton. The work location is Den Helder since the PACO engineer is expected to spend majority of time to support the offshore Production Unit Nogat/NGT. Incidental offshore visits and/or engagement with PACO team and other stakeholders in Assen may be required.

More information about this function? Let us know!

If possible we would like to receive your cv in word.

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Actuele informatie over het nieuwe coronavirus (COVID-19)

Actuele informatie over het nieuwe coronavirus (COVID-19)

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